An empowering self-love is a love without conditions and limitations. It is living a life where your soul leads the way to fulfillment and freedom. You know the balance of speaking your truth and living in acceptance of others. You stand in the power of love and taking responsibility of your life, while allowing others to do the same. It is a space of vulnerability and strength. A space that moves with the ebbs and flows of life. It is a love that allows you to embody your highest potential and live with intention.

You can begin this journey of becoming your own best friend through the Empowering Self-love Online Course. This course features 3 valuable training videos, an enlightening guided meditation, and an in-depth workbook to help you explore the teachings shared with you in the videos.

You will have continual access to the course once it is purchased. Which means you have the freedom to explore on your own time, while you slowly implement the powerful teachings shared with you. 

This course was created with deep intention and guidance from spirit, to allow you an opportunity for meaningful and sustainable change in your life. When you take the time to apply these simple tools with great intention, you create powerful transformations. The time to come home to your soul is now! 


  "I was drawn to see Amanda after hearing a friend describe her experience.  I’m glad I trusted my curiosity because merely existing in life people pleasing was slowing crushing my soul, happy exterior but confused and overwhelmed inside.  Weather it be Reiki, coaching sessions or her workshops it’s never what I expect but it is always what I need!     Her intuition always guides me through the cloud of thoughts & chaos I have going on in my head and gently but assertively encourages me to undo what no longer serves my soul.   Change is scary, life is confusing but I’m very lucky our paths crossed and I’m beyond grateful for the continued guidance!"  

- Staci Hill

This course is for you if...

  • You would like to understand what it means to connect to your soul
  • You desire a deeper connection to life and to others
  • You would like to better discern what is right for you and be able to follow through with it
  • You struggle with making decisions out of guilt
  • You aren't sure how to heal from past hurts
  • You would like to experience more joy in your day to day activities
  • You struggle with body shame
  • You struggle with vulnerability and honouring all of your emotions
  • You have old beliefs and thought patterns that are hurting your current reality but you aren't sure how to shift them
  • You feel drained in many social situations
  • You have a difficult time being authentic around most people
  • You carry a lot of resentment and often react defensively to life and other people

Video Outlines

This course features 3 main video modules.

Video one: This video explores a deeper understanding of what an empowering self-love is, and the foundations that support it.

Video Outline:

  • What does it mean to embody an empowering self-love
  • Dealing with feelings of guilt
  • Embracing vulnerability and moving beyond your comfort zone
  • Identifying your core coping mechanisms
  • Speaking your truth
  • Understanding boundaries from a soulful perspective
  • Asking for support

Video two: This video breaks down our daily habits and embodying practices that nurture and reflect an empowering self-love.

Video Outline:

  • Exploring the five core elements of our daily habits. Rest, Creativity, Nourishment, Play, and Connection 
  • Changing your inner dialog
  • Loving your physical body
  • Your time alone and with others
  • Affirmations
  • How to nurture your mind

Video three: This video pulls together all of the teachings and explores ideas and practices that reflect your full realized self.

Video Outline:

  • What is your full realized self
  • Accepting and understanding the flow of life
  • Bringing love to the table
  • Accepting and receiving love from others
  • Understanding alignment in our relationships
  • Empowered decision making
  • Gratitude and moments of joy

Additional Features


The workbook in this course is where all of the magic happens! Self-realization is incredibly empowering when it comes to our desire for meaningful change and the momentum to create it.  This workbook features over 40 pages of thought provoking questions and activities.  Nurturing new ideas and beliefs, mindfulness, healing, and powerful daily practices.

Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is a wonderful tool to assist you in your empowering self-love journey.  It is a meditation for reflection, healing, and self-love.  Use it time and time again for releasing what no longer serves you and embodying a deeper love for who you are.

Additional Information

Once the course is purchased you will receive a downloadable file with instructions on how to access the password protected site.  There will be a link and a password for you to access your course.  Please be sure to check your junk folder for the confirmation email and downloadable file.

Cancellation Policy 

All sales are final.  Thank-you for your understanding!