About Me


Hi Friends!

Thinking back on my journey and all the ups and downs I have been through to get me here is exactly why I do the work that I do...  Sometimes we feel like pieces of our stories aren't worth sharing, but this isn't true.  Every part of our lives help shape us into the incredible people we are today, even (especially) the challenging bits, each piece is important!

However, I know you don’t have the time to sit and read every detail of how I got here and who I am.  So in the spirit of narrowing it down, here is a little info about this silly and loving gal before you...

I am a wife to the most incredible man, who I hold a lot of gratitude in my heart for.  I also have two beautiful little boys, currently ages 6 and 4.


The journey to becoming an Intuitive Life Coach started in September, 2014.  At this time, I had no plan or goal to be a life coach.  Simply put, my life turned upside down that year, I had to do what I call a “rebuilding process”.  It was a spiritual journey of healing that helped me step into my true authentic self.  I learned an entirely new way to live and it made my heart sing!

Through this process, my gift of connecting to spirit bloomed.  As I learned how to use these beautiful abilities, I realized my desire to help people was more present than ever.  My heart was yearning to share the messages and love of spirit with the world.  Yet, I was afraid and did not feel worthy of having this incredible career.

Day by day and lesson by lesson, I kept shifting and growing.  What I knew to be true in my heart- that each of us are the most divine love there is, that our worth surpasses all earthly things and we are worthy of all things- could not be held in any longer!  My desire grew greater than the fear and I stepped into being an Intuitive Life Coach.  We all have a deep and powerful purpose here and this form of spiritual mentorship was mine.  I had to own it and honour who I am.  It felt so freeing and powerful!  I couldn't wait to help other people feel the same way in their lives.


Here I am today, still passionate and loving every minute of it, still learning and growing, and still a little scared sometimes!  If you feel scared too, I get it.  Because I have walked this path, I am able to sit with my clients and not only give them the incredible love and insights from their spiritual team, but I can also say "I have been there", and relate to them on a deeper level to help them heal.  I take what some people would call their flaws or "bumps in the road" of their life, and help them gain a deeper and symbolic understanding of their life experiences.  I show my clients how to rewrite their stories and use their life experiences as a foundation to stand on as they co-create their future with spirit.  One thing I discovered about myself and that I hope you can believe for yourself too, is we are always going to be a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.  

Thank you for being here.  I hope you always know how amazing you are!!