Amanda Moser Intuitive Life Coach


Robyn Johanna


 "Amanda is exactly who you need in your life! During your most vulnerable moments, she provides a safe space for you to be exactly who you are. No pressure. No judgement. Amanda’s ability to connect with your spiritual team will catapult you into self discovery and transformation on the very deepest level. You can expect amazingly accurate insights, questions and tools to help you to tap into your true purpose and make your vision a reality. Amanda, thank you for shining your light and helping me find mine!” 

Catherine Wigg


   "Amanda is someone you meet and just want to spend more time with. She gets you, even without you saying anything. She understands how you feel because during your session, she can feel it too. She says things you've been waiting your whole life to hear. And one the best things about her is she sees the absolute best in you and does everything she can to make sure you know your worth. You will leave her feeling like you've just found a lifelong support system."  

Brittany Flegel


    "I wish everyone had Amanda in their lives! We met when she responded to a model call for a Photography project I was working on and it was a divine act! She came into my life and I am a better person because of her. I have photographed Amanda twice now and it has been such a great experience seeing her in her element and creating images that show how passionate she is about everything in life. Amanda is a light, she is a joy to share space with, she listens without judgement in her sessions and connects to your team to guide you on your journey. My life is better because of Amanda, I mean that in all seriousness. She has helped and continues to help me find myself, reach my goals and heal myself through her guidance and insight. Amanda, I am so thankful and blessed to know you!" 

Staci Hill


 "I was drawn to see Amanda after hearing a friend describe her experience.  I’m glad I trusted my curiosity because merely existing in life people pleasing was slowing crushing my soul, happy exterior but confused and overwhelmed inside.
Weather it be Reiki, coaching sessions or her workshops it’s never what I expect but it is always what I need!
   Her intuition always guides me through the cloud of thoughts & chaos I have going on in my head and gently but assertively encourages me to undo what no longer serves my soul.   Change is scary, life is confusing but I’m very lucky our paths crossed and I’m beyond grateful for the continued guidance!" 


 "Amanda is incredibly talented and gifted! She has a wonderful way of making you feel at ease, while working with you to help you be the best version of YOU possible. She is incredibly honest, but always kind in relaying the messages she receives to you. I thoroughly enjoyed the Women Empowerment Group and learned a lot about myself!"  


"Meeting Amanda in June 2017 truly changed the course of my life. The wisdom she enlightened on me during that first visit and every visit since has given me the strength I needed to make necessary changes in my life.  Amanda instantly made me feel at ease. She is an encourager, supporter, and shines love, light and kindness in all she does. She allows you to see the best in yourself while working through the worst. I'm so grateful she was guided to me and if you're reading this, take the leap to work with her. If it is anything like me, it could truly be the life-changing moment you're waiting for!" 


"Amanda has an amazing ability to create an atmosphere that allows you to discover the answers that you are looking to find. Her practice defines what it means to get what you put into it. I’m incredibly thankful to have worked with her." 


"Before I met Amanda, I had met with a few different counsellors.  Still, something was missing.  I felt lost and broken.  Through working with Amanda, I was able to connect to my spiritual team and feel a deeper connection that I had been needing all along.  She is a kind, nurturing soul who will also be straightforward with you in sessions if need be.  She helped me see that self-defeating patterns would continue to repeat in my life until I became aware and aligned with my true, soul's purpose.  She helped me to find resolution to unanswered questions.  What I found is that she encouraged me to listen to the little voice I have inside that I kept ignoring.  I have a new-found confidence and taken risks I never would have without her support." 


 "My husband and I have been to see Amanda for relationship counselling for almost a year. I didn't realize how deeply rooted in negative patterns we were until our first session... Thankfully, Amanda has helped us determine what we want out of this life, and it is to be together. Amanda, thank you for supporting both of us and handling us with ease and determination. Thank you for shining your light so we know which way to go."