Free Online Session with Spiritual Mentor Amanda Moser

Join us for a free online session! Each session will be a live recording so you are welcome to engage with me and ask me questions as we are going along.  You can also submit your  questions to me by sending them through the contact section below.  Then please also let me know in the message if you would like to remain anonymous for your question.   You do not need to have a question to partake in the session and you are welcome to just join if you would like to listen in and learn from what other people have asked.

Each recording of the session will stay posted on my page so you have time to watch or review any parts you missed if you cant watch right at the scheduled time.  You may also go back and watch any previously recorded sessions under the video tab of my facebook page.
I'm looking forward to sharing this space with all of you!   

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These sessions are held on my public facebook page.  Please like and follow my page at the button below if you would like to watch the sessions and feel free to share with anyone who you feel would benefit from this type of support.

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