Intuitive Life Coaching

As a Psychic Medium, I connect with your spiritual team to assist you throughout all areas of your life.  Working from a space of compassion and understanding, my main goal is to assist you in living a life of authenticity and happiness. No matter if you are struggling with a big life transition or you want to learn how to love yourself a little more, your spiritual guides work through me to give you the tools you need to help you reach your goals.

Being a spiritual mentor, I believe we are all, at our truest essence, a soul living a human experience. Because of this, you are already all of the things you seek. Your soul is a direct extension of spirit, therefore you cannot be separate or different. I am here to remind you that, in truth, you are the most divine love there is. Your worth surpasses all earthly things and you are worthy of all things. Your painful experiences are not who you are. Everything you have been through and experienced has brought you to this point of healing and rebirth. We all have a deep and powerful purpose here. 

While a few of my clients have identified exactly what is holding them back from living their truth, and need guidance on how to move through this block, many of my clients have come to me unsure of what they need. They felt “lost”, or like they needed something more to be happy. They felt they needed a session and were open to guidance. If you are not sure what you specifically want or need help with, please don't worry. Your spiritual team will come forward and show me what it is you need in that moment. From this space, we can help you set and reach goals that are based on your hearts truest desires.  You will learn ​how to feel worthy and create your own happiness!

Some common areas I work with clients in:

-Anxiety and Depression

-Business Mentoring

-Limiting Belief Structures

-Couples and Relationship Counseling


-Psychic and Mediumship Development

Let’s work together to guide you back to your truth.  I help people rewrite the old stories they tell themselves based on years of conditioning. I help them have a deeper, more symbolic understanding of their life experiences and how to use them as a foundation to stand on as they co-create their future with spirit. This is a healing and empowering process of self-discovery, freedom, and fulfillment. It is my honour and privilege to support and guide you through this journey! 

Personal Coaching: $120 + GST

Relationship Coaching: $145 + GST (for two people)

Each session is 1 hr and available in person, by phone, or skype

Payment Options:
Credit Card

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a huge passion of mine!  I have utilized reiki for many years within my personal healing journey, receiving treatments for a variety of physical and emotional healing.  I continue to be in awe of reiki’s effectiveness and ability to help people shift in such a positive way.  Now, as a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, I love sharing this same opportunity and healing energy with others.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a practice of laying hands on the body, allowing the energy of life to flow from an attuned and trained practitioner to the client.  This pure life energy can be incredibly healing in many physical, emotional and spiritual ways.  It can accelerate and strengthen any healing process, from minor physical injuries to chronic pain and illness, as well as mental or emotional imbalances. 

One Hour Treatment: $80 + GST

Payment Options:


Credit Card


Cancellation Policy


A 24-hour notice is required for cancellations or rescheduling your appointment time.  Failure to provide 24-hours notice will result in a charge of 50% of the service fee.  Failure to show for your appointment without notice will result in a 100% charge of your appointment fee.  Please call 306-540-9323 or email me through the contact section of my website to reschedule your appointment or cancel if needed.

All appointments booked online are to be paid at the time of booking and will be processed through paypal.  Thank-you for your understanding and I look forward to working with you!